S w model 37 airweight cracked frame

Rather than steel the Model 37s' frame is made from lightweight aluminum, thus resulting in a considerably lighter firearm. Wikipedia said " In 1951, Smith & Wesson introduced the Airweight Model 37, which was basically the Model 36 design with an aluminum frame and cylinder. Description: S& W model 37, very rare, 38 spl, 2 inch bbl, factory nickel, J frame, square butt, 5rd, dbl action, very early gun, original S& W diamond wood grips, old style flat latch to release cylinder, bbl reads airweight on right side, alloy frame, steel bbl and cylinder, overall weight is 15 oz, some light surface scratches, 85% overall. The butt is marked “ 78J371”. It' s nice and clean with honest wear and it has no frame crack/ stretch issues. The right side of the frame is marked with the four line marcas registradas address. Condition affects value. 38 Chief' s Special. Airweight is what S& W calls its old school lightweight pocket.

1st model on the J frame, small S & W. If a welder/ machinist was able to xray the frame for cracks, after the repair, then yes. This is a rare s& w 37 airweight 3 screw. I worked it in a trade and I figure I have about $ 225. In this video you' ll hear talk about what he likes about the gun as well as some things he.
2nd was an older Air Weight in. S& W Model 37 Airweight Description:. S& W REV AND AUTO | S& amp: W M- 422 | S& W J FRAME | S& W M- 10 / K FRAME | S& W M- 1917. Has a steel barrel and cylinder, with a lightweight frame. Answer a few questions to find the right products for you.

Regardless of the numbers damaged, its still an issue that S& W hasn' t tried to fix. The Model 642 is built on Smith & Wesson' s famous J- Frame, it has a 5- shot cylinder rated for + P. 38 Special ammunition.
Mint Smith and Wesson N Frame Square Butt Target Grips * * Stunning! 38 Chief' s Special Airweight. I' ll stick with all steel, be it blued or stainless!

I was familiar with what seems to be a standard problem of the frame cracking below the barrel and inspected his gun, so i looked it over. Do not give up on the holster because it simply needs to be broken in. I think the J- frame in airweight format is probably the best all- around gun for the. I also have a as new pre model aluminum 38 body guard, I have never fired it.

Smith & Wesson J Frame Model 37 AIRWEIGHT. Five business days later I got a call from Smith and Wesson Customer Service. The internal hammer DAO variant of the J- frame that' s now called the Model 642 was originally. I picked- up this. The Smith & Wesson Model 37 Airweight This is my first day as a member of THR, but I have viewed a number of posts is the past and I' m very impressed with the knowledge that various memebers possess.

A friend recently bought a Model 37 Chief' s Special Airweight from the 1970s and we went to the range to shoot it. Purchased for wife' s J frame Smith and Wesson model 442. S& W Frame Sizes - Duration: 16: 36. They were, and are, a variation on the J frame Model 36 Chief' s Special. I carried it religiously off duty until I shot it to the point the frame cracked around 1999.

S& W 442 airweight cracked frame. Is there a crack in made in frame of s& w model 37, model 12 cracked, s& w 638 cracking frame, s& w 642 cracked frame, s& w 642/ frame cracking, s& w model 37 airweight cracked frame, s& w model 66 cracked frame repair, smith airweight cracked frame, smith and wesson model 37 with crack in frame, smith and wesson model 38 airweight bodyguard,. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > asp. Hickok45 1, 882, 386 views. Smith and Wesson' s j- frame “ Airweight” revolvers have a lot of aluminum and still weigh 16 ounces with a “ snubby” ( 1.

Shop with confidence. I have shot grouse in the head with a Smith model 37 aluminum frame 2". I' ve personally seen two with cracked frames. Layer 1 - S& W 642 or 442 pocket/ ankle carry, the always gun. This is a Smith & Wesson Model 37 Airweight and as the name implies. Unsubscribe from brainofdelusion?

In the introductory USCCA Gun Vault video Kevin review the Smith & Wesson J- Frame Model 37 revolver. Stainless steel and alloy construction resist corrosion caused by humidity and perspiration when the revolver is carried close to the body. My advice is to get the model 36, 40, or 60, 640. It has a round butt j frame and comes with pinned barrel and flat latch. Blue or Nickel finish.
S& W J- Frames: In my opinion these are the ne plus ultra of the breed. Police were issued off- duty 5- shot alloy- framed S& W Airweight model 38s,. August 4, at 18: 37. Just read over on the S& W Forum about J- Frames getting stress cracks on the flat of the frame where the barrel screws in. Available in various calibers and with three diverse hammer designs, it is no surprise that the Smith & Wesson J- Frame has become the most popular, small- frame, defense revolver on the market. Anyway, I just traded into a S& W model 37 Airweight. Buying a new alloy frame gun means if it should crack S& W will replace it. The crane cutout is marked “ MOD.

I have also seen a five shot model 37 which had a cracked frame as well. Our Assessment: This is a Smith & Wesson Model 37 Airweight and as the name implies, it is one hell of a light revolver with impressive mechanics, weighing in at just under 1 pound as photographed. If the hammer spur is fully exposed then you have a Chiefs Special Airweight, later known as the model 37. Wesson Model 640 Centennial is easily the most recommended variant of the J- frame. April 11, at 08: 37. Serial number ACE7xxx.
The left side of the frame is marked with the S& W Logo. Smith & Wesson Revolvers. S w model 37 airweight cracked frame.

Smith & Wesson S& W J Frame MODEL 34/ 36/ 37 Trigger Case Hardened New Old Stock. S& W have lifetime warrantees so they will deal. Sounds like you have a Chief Special Airweight.

S& W HAMMER 22LR FIXED FIRING PIN OLDER MODEL, EXC, 1. 38 Spl model 37- 2 Airweight Satin Nickel 2 inch Snub 1993 production 38 Special Smith & Wesson Model 37 Chiefs. If the scandium ones seem to crack less than the airweights, it may be because they are likely shot even less often. I' ve never been able to get close to an Airweight, or other types of frame material.

Find great deals on eBay for smith and wesson model 37. Unfortunately the frame has a large crack under where the barrel is screwed in. S& W Airweight Model 637 vs Model 642.

This gun has less than 500 rounds through it total and never used + P. It was in otherwise very good plus condition, but was unable to be repaired by S& W, who offered a modern 637 as a replacement at a discounted price. Offered by Smith & Wesson was the Model 642, the Airweight version of the 640.
Smith and Wesson introduced the Safety Hammerless. S w model 37 airweight cracked frame. The frame cracks at that thin point of the frame where the barrel screws in. Smith & Wesson Model 37 Airweight No Dash brainofdelusion. The crane and the sides of the grip frame have inspection marks. The flash made the gun seem to have a bunch of scratches but it' s fine.
Airweight was the name S & W gave to their early. Serial number is 3J1772 as it appears under the grips. Checkered walnut grips on lightweight round butt J frame. Full Frame Revolver. The Model 638 is a variation of the Model 38 Bodyguard Airweight® that integrates the time- tested features of the original with modern advancements. January· December· November.
38 spl S& W 37- 1 Airweight today. I have been quickly skimming the internet for information about these small revolvers. Until the trigger is well broken in, use the crease of the distal joint, called the “ power crease” of the trigger finger. The little S& W J- frame pistol comes with a synthetic grip in black or pink ( for the ladies – or men who can appreciate pink). I have a S& W 38 Special Airweight CTG, Model 37, serial # 651497, which I pu.

I am just advising anyone who is looking for a holster for the Airweight may want to look at the alternative model number. The right side is marked “ Airweight / 38 SPL. Small enough for concealed carry. HKS 36- A Revolver Speedloader for S& W 36, 37, 38, 40,.

Later numbered as a Model 37. Thu Sep 03, : 37 am. Seems to mostly happen on Alloy frame guns. 38 Spec 2 Inch Non Pinned Barrel. S& W M- 37 AIRWEIGHT SIDEPLATE ALLOY BLUED WEAR AND GOUGE Image.

Most of this model is either 5 screw or 4 screw. Results 1 - 48 of 88. The S& W Model 12 was manufactured from 1953 until 1986.
S& W HAMMER, COMPLETE SPUR BROKEN OFF, EXC, 0, 20. If the hammer is mainly enclosed by a raised hump on the rear of the frame, with only the tip of the hammer spurt exposed, then it is a Bodyguard Airweight, later known as the Model 38. The frame is cracked on the underside of the threaded portion where the barrel is installed,. Some have suffered cracked forcing cones and flame cutting of the topstrap. That way your probably never going to see that crack.

I have a 37 and Two 442s. Otherwise, No cracks, cuts or tears. Interesting article on the origins of the Smith & Wesson model 640 revolver. The “ Airweight” versions such as the 442 were made to be light to carry in a holster. My LGS has a used S& W model 37 for sale in a nickel finish. Cracked Frame on Model 37 Last night, while cleaning my little Model 37 Air Weight Nickel, I found the frame cracked under the barrel.

This is a S& W 66 that I assume was feed a steady diet of magnum. The Smith & Wesson Model 37 " Airweight" revolver is a five shot revolver that is identical to the Smith & Wesson Model 36 Chief' s Special, save for the materials used in construction. Smith & Wesson Gun Finder. Model 37 Airweight: This is an aluminum frame Chief' s Special sporting the same external hammer, DA/ SA capability,. 38 Special 5 shot revolver with 3 inch barrel.

It was short of excellent condition, with one deep scratch in the frame and a few. Smith & Wesson S & W ModelJ Frame Square. Discussion in ' Firearms' started by asp, May 3,.

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